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Thank you for participating in the 2016 Best in Black Awards Nominations!! You may nominate people/businesses in one category, a few select categories or every category.  You may also nominate yourself! Please provide as much of the information requested as possible (be thorough!) so we may notify the nominee of their confirmed nomination and instruct them on next steps.   Also please feel free to let them know that you nominated them as well.   We do not share with nominees who actually nominated them, but don’t mind if you do. You may nominate as many deserving people/businesses as you like in the same category but will have to submit a new form for each one.  Only the top ten nominees in each category will move on to the voting round.   In honor of our fifth anniversary, we will invite the top five rather that the top three vote recipients to attend the awards show but the key is making sure the nominee makes it into the top ten nominees.  

You will be able to nominate businesses in any or all of the following categories:


Best in Arts

  • Best Original Art (Paintings)
  • Best Spoken Word
  • Best Author/Writer
  • Best Dancer (All Genres)
  • Best Artist Overall

Best in Beauty

  • Best Barber Shop
  • Best Beauty Salon
  • Best Barber
  • Best Beautician
  • Best Mani and Pedi

Best in Business

  • Best Youth Business
  • Best Niche Business
  • Best Home Based Business
  • Best Technology Business
  • Best Overall Business 2017

Best in Church

  • Best Choir
  • Best Impact Ministry (State specific ministry, describe impact)
  • Best Pastor
  • Best First Lady
  • Best Overall Church

Best Clubs and Organizations

  • Best Sorority
  • Best Fraternity
  • Best Car Club
  • Best Motorcycle Club
  • Best Fan Club

Best in Clothing

  • Best Boutique
  • Best Clothing Designer
  • Best Seamstress/Tailor
  • Best Local Place to Purchase a Hot Outfit

Best In Education 

  • Best Principal
  • Best Assistant Principal
  • Best Teacher 
  • Best Guidance Counselor
  • Best Coach
  • Best Overall Educator 

Best Events

  • Best Annual Festival
  • Best Annual Party
  • Best Annual Fundraiser
  • Best Annual Concert
  • Best Overall Annual Event

Best in Fitness

  • Best Male Personal Trainer
  • Best Female Personal Trainer
  • Best Meal Plan/Prep
  • Best Workout Facility
  • Best Overall in Fitness

Best in Food

  • Best Baked Goods
  • Best BBQ
  • Best Chicken (Fried or Baked)
  • Best Food Truck
  • Best Soul Food
  • Best Specialty Menu Item
  • Best Wings
  • Best Food Overall

Best in Health Care

  • Best Nurse
  • Best Dentist/Orthodontist
  • Best Pediatrician
  • Best Pharmacist
  • Best Doctor (All Disciplines)

Best in Law

  • Best Real Estate/Closing Attorney
  • Best Family Law/Divorce Attorney
  • Best Bankruptcy/Financial Attorney
  • Best Personal Injury Attorney
  • Best Overall Attorney

Best in Media

  • Best Print Journalist
  • Best Television News Anchor or Personality
  • Best Radio DJ or Personality
  • Best Radio Talk Show Host
  • Best Local Media Personality Overall

Best in Money

  • Best Banker
  • Best Financial Advisor
  • Best Mortgage Broker
  • Best Tax Service
  • Best Insurance Agent

Best In Music

  • Best Female Solo Artist
  • Best Male Solo Artist
  • Best Band (Music)
  • Best Musical Group
  • Best Overall in Music (Solo Artist or Group)

Best in Non-Profits

  • Best in Serving Youth
  • Best in Serving Elderly
  • Best in Housing and Community Development
  • Best Overall Non-Profit

Best Service Business

  • Best Detailing/Car Wash
  • Best Event Planner
  • Best Lawn Care Service
  • Best Make-Up Artist
  • Best Photographer
  • Best Realtor

Best in Social Media

  • Best Branding or Marketing
  • Best Humorous Posts
  • Best Informative Posts
  • Best Group or Discussion Room
  • Best Inspirational Posts
  • Best Social Media Posts Overall

Best Brands in Support and Impact
(These are non-black owned businesses that are recognized as having the best product and or service in their category but also consistently give back and reinvest in the community as well.)

  • Best Local Restaurant
  • Best Bank
  • Best Media Outlet
  • Best Car Dealership
  • Best Hospital


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